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Mike Brooke

"I wear two working hats with great enthusiasm: consulting and teaching - both feel quite complementary."

A bit more detail:

My healthcare consulting role stems from a background in ICU nursing, spinal injury rehabilitation and marketing / R & D in global medical devices. I launched my own healthcare consultancy nearly 20 years ago and have worked in most health sectors nationally and internationally.

Today, my passion lies in evaluating service design and delivery across primary care, allied health, aged care and hospital sectors from a Quadruple Aim perspective. Typically, evaluations involve understanding the drivers that impact consumer experiences; influences on their providers' capabilities and service delivery; cost-effectiveness of services; and opportunities for achieving better health outcomes.

My second "hat" has involved research and education in multiple settings. Today, as a Teaching Specialist in the Faculty of Business and Economics at The University of Melbourne, my teaching focuses on value creation and sustainability, drawing heavily on the evolution of healthcare services.