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Benchmarking primary care provider experiences

Our benchmarking focus is on understanding provider needs, capabilities and experiences (with PHNs and others); and how these impact on consumer health journeys. We know that well-designed services, delivered by well-informed providers; typically lead to better consumer experiences, improved health outcomes and cost-effective healthcare resource use.

We listen to general practice and allied health perceptions on:

  • Provider profiles and capabilities

    Use of technology, QA, education and cultural awareness

  • Provider experiences with services

    Awareness and use, uptake of services, PHN support experiences, work/life balance

  • Consumer service experiences

    Experiences with access in aged care, mental heath, chronic disease and hospitalisation

  • Interaction across health services / systems

    Interaction effectiveness between general practice, allied health and hospital services.

Have we progressed in integrated care? A reminder of the ongoing challenges....

Consumer health journeys may take complex and often fragmented pathways involving multiple providers, services and systems. Improving the effectiveness of care continuity continues to be an ongoing challenge - listen to some past examples below - that may still resonate today!

Harnessing Key Drivers of Integration.

SESLHD / GPNSW Integrated Care Forum, March 2014, Sydney. Mike Brooke, Director, Outcome Services.